Lokahi Valentine


We want to say a big "Mahalo!" to Lokahi!!! When I told him about this idea and venture, you could see him simply light up with enthusiasm.  I knew he was a fabulous photographer and look at one of his photos every day in my office.  Unbeknownst to me, he had greater artistic ability, computer skills to create a web site, and the patience to work through numerous changes and questions.  Lokahi designed the Oahu Foundation Logo.  Lokahi's photos grace the AFOahu site.  Lokahi created the entire site and made sure to include the spirit of Hawaii in the look.  Lokahi got us on twitter and facebook.  Yep, Lokahi enabled us to broadcast our idea to the public.  Three cheers for Lokahi Valentine!!!!   

                                                                                      -Tracey Stott Kelley