Tracey Stott Kelley

Original Trustee

Stott Real Estate, Inc.

Our family company helps people buy, sell and manage residential real estate.

I heard about the Awesome Foundation on Public Radio as I was driving my high school son home from soccer practice one night.  His comment was, "Mom, you just like the idea because of the name."  Of course, I had to agree!  We chatted about what a great simple idea this was and how fun it would be to see where your donation actually went.  I was hooked!  The concept of inspiring everyday people in all age groups without a ton of red tape to create change is what drew me to the concept.  We can't give the money without ideas and projects proposed, so please submit your ideas!

Tracey grew up on Oahu, is married, has two children, two dogs, a cat, fish and is thrilled to see what awesomeness this organization can create.