Lemonade Stand

October 2017

click here for Kamalani Academy's website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to announcee our October 2017 recipient of $1,000 to Kamalani Academy. Awesome was contacted by Emma Shaul of Kamalani Academy who informed us of their need for the $1,000. Ms. Shaul explained to us that the 4th and 5th grade students at Kamalani Academy will engage in a Project Based Unit of Study centered around a Lemonade Stand Project; an awesome way to teach Math and Language Arts standards!

The Stem World From Above

September, 2017

click here for Waialua Robitics STEM Learning Center website

Awesome Foundation OAHU (AFOAHU) is excited to announce our September 2017 recipient of $1,000 to the Waialua Robotics STEM Learning Center.  AFOAHU was contacted by Mr. Glenn S.B. Lee, a teacher at Waialua High & Intermediate School and the founder/director of the Waialua Robotics STEM Learning Center. Mr. Lee explains to his more about the project. 



Awesome Foundation Oahu was happy to help the much worthy Boys and Girls Club of Nanakuli.  Awesome Foundation was contacted by Claudia Fernandez who explained the Boys and Girls Club of Nanakuli and its role in "serving the Leeward coast, and the Native Nanakuli community, the teen center provides a safe, fun, and caring environment for our youth to grow into caring, responsible, and respectful individuals. …

Waipahu Safe Haven Immigrant Resource Center

IMG 7170

August 2017

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce our August 2017 receipient of $1,000 to The Waipahu Safe Haven Immigrant Resource Center.  AF Oahu was contacted by Barbara Tom, a retired Dept. of Health Nurse who developed the community center in 2010.  Mrs. Tom describes the center is located in a Weed & Seed Office on Pupupuhi Street in a Hawaii Housing Apartment building which they have transformed into a holistic center servicing students from k-12 in afterschool tutorials, Adult education for many of The Compact of Free Association (COFA) community adults who they then help with job readiness skills. 

Tryke for James

IMG 0921

July 2017

Awesome Foundation Oahu (AFOAHU) is happy to announce our July recipient of $1,000 to the Christiansen Ohana.  AFOAHU was contacted by the Christiansens, who have adopted James, a six year old boy with severe brain damage. James wasn't expected to live at birth because he lost oxygen. James cannot sit or stand on his own. However, since being adopted by the Christiansens, James has been thriving and has progressed tremendously.

Farrington Retail Store

IMG 6750

June 2017

click here for Farrington High School website

Awesome Foundation Oahu (AFOAHU) is pleased to announce our June recipient of $1,000, Farrington Retail Store. AFOAHU was contacted by Kristin Mullin who is a second year teacher at Farrington High School. Ms. Mullin advised us that her retail class, in the Business Academy at Farrington High School, will be working to create a store on campus. …

Project Hawaii Summer Camp

IMG 4986

May 2017

click here for Project Hawaii website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce our May receipient of $1,000 to Project Hawaii Summer Camp!  AFOahu was contacted by Kristen McReath, who is a Masters in Global Health student intern with Project Hawai’i, Inc.  Ms. McReath explains that Project Hawai’i, Inc.’s mission is to enhance the lives of homeless children on Hawai’i Island and Oahu throughout the year by providing interactive programs. …

Lullaby Project


April 29, 2017

Click here to watch Lullaby Project on youtube

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce our April recipient of $1,000 to The Lullaby Project! The Lullaby Project began as a pilot project through Carnegie Hall in New York City in 2011. Musicians there facilitated lullaby writing with young pregnant teens at Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx in an effort to help create a positive support system for these new moms and to facilitate a loving bond between mother and infant. …

Adaptive Freedom Foundation


March 2017

click here for Adaptive Freedom Foundation's website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to announce our March 2017 recipient of $1,000 to Adaptive Freedom Foundation!  Adaptive Freedom Foundation is a nonprofit based in HI who builds Versatility Boards, standup paddle (SUP) boards adapted to secure a wheelchair, and holds paddle days. Paddle days are free and open to the public. …

The Arts at Mark's garage

FullSizeRender 2

February 2017

click here for The Arts at Mark's Garage website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce our February 2017 receipient of $1,000 to The ARTS at Marks Garage!  Awesome was contacted by Rich Richardson who reached out to us because they are in need of stage curtains. The Arts at Mark's Garage is a 14 year old artist-run, nonprofit community arts center that attracts over 45,000 annual visitors to twelve major multidisciplinary exhibits and over 150 performances, lectures, screenings, and workshops.  

Bay of Dreams

IMG 2714

January 2017

click here for Bay of Dreams Facebook page

Awesome Foundation Oahu is excited to announce our $1,000 recipient for the month of January, George Kalilikane, founder of Bay of Dreams.  Mr. Kalilikane contacted Awesome Foundation and explained to us his wonderful organization.  George has been giving away free stand up paddling lessons for seven years.  He overcame some health challenges through stand up paddling (SUP) and wants to spread his good news to others. …

'Iliahi - Wahiawa's Giving Tree


December 2016

Click here for Alea Bridge website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce our December recipient of $1,000 to Wahiawa Community Church of the Nazarene, members of the Wahiawa Homeless Alliance and ALEA Bridge for their outreach project  ‘Iliahi – The Wahiawa Giving Tree that was held on December 18, 2016. Awesome Oahu was contacted by "Phil" Augustus Acosta of Alea Bridge. …

Holomua Na Ohana

IMG 2492

November 2016

click here for  Holomua Na Ohana's website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is excited to announce our November recipient of $1,000, Holomua Na Ohana.   Awesome was contacted by Holomua Na Ohana Director, Holly Holowach. Ms. Holowach has been the director for over 13 years for this non-profit organization that helps homeless families. Holomua Na Ohana operates two clean and sober transitional housing programs. …

Hoʻōla Nā Pua


October 2016

click here for Ho'ola Na Pua website

Awesome Foundation Oahu October recipient of $1,000 is Hoʻōla Nā Pua  Hoʻōla Nā Pua is a Hawaii-based 501 (c)(3) committed to providing a home designed to meet the unique needs of underage female sex trafficking victims through the utilization of individualized, comprehensive, and restorative therapies. Their mission is the renewal of trafficked lives through health, education, advocacy, and reintegration, and is committed to the healing and empowerment of victims through comprehensive care services. 

Fern Elementary Basketball program


September 2016


click here for Fern Elementary website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce their September recipient of $1,000 to Fern Elementary School Basketball Program.  AFOahu was contacted by Blake Lau, a third grade teacher at Fern Elementary school in Kalihi. Mr. Lau wrote to us regarding his project as the first basketball program at his elementary school. He informed us that his school consists of mostly students of Chuukese, Marshallese, Filipino, Tongan and Samoan heritage and that many of his students live in poverty and are not involved in structured activities after school. …

A House for the 4th Little Pig


July 2016

Awesome Foundation Oahu hosted "Trustee For A Night, Awesome For A Lifetime" July 27, 2016. At this inspirational event not one, not two, but THREE applicants were awarded $1,000! Awesome Foundation Oahu is happy to announce one of those three recipients: Akeyo Garcia and her kindergarten students for their House for the Fourth Little Pig project.  Mrs. Garcia has been teaching kindergarten for the past seven years. …

Operation Purple Paws

July 2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 12.45.46 PM

click here for their facebook page (website still ongoing construction)

Awesome Foundation Oahu hosted "Trustee For A Night, Awesome For A Lifetime" July 27, 2016. At this inspirational event not one, not two, but THREE applicants were awarded $1,000!  We are thrilled to announce Operation Purple Paws, LCC  as one of three $1,000 recipient. Gayle Puou, founder and President of Operation Purple Paws, LLC contacted Awesome Foundation Oahu. …

Journey To Escape

July 2016

Click here for Domestic Violence Action Center website

Awesome Foundation Oahu hosted "Trustee For A Night, Awesome For A Lifetime" July 27, 2016. At this inspirational event not one, not two, but THREE applicants were awarded $1,000! Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce one of those three recipients: Domestic Violence Action Center's (DVAC), Journey To Escape.  The Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC) is dedicated to alleviating the problem of domestic abuse in Hawaii. …

Kapolei Middle School Mural Project


June, 2016

Click here for Kapolei Middle School Website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce our June recipient of $1,000, Kapolei Middle School! The entry to Awesome was submitted by Kapolei's Algebra teacher, Carli Masik, who wrote explaining Kapolei Middle School is a track school, meaning there are always students on campus, except for four weeks of the year. Because of this, the campus is heavily used and wear and tear is seen on the buildings. …

It Only Takes a Moment

IMG 1067

May 2016

click here for LISTEN the movie website

Awesome Foundation Oahu (AFOAHU) is pleased to announce our May recipient of $1,000 to a social movement called IT ONLY TAKES A MOMENT™.  AFOAHU was contacted by Brooke Dooley who explains, the purpose of IT ONLY TAKES A MOMENT™ is to demonstrate how we can improve the mental wellness of our communities through active listening. The catalyzing event is screening the unreleased feature film LISTEN across North America in Fall 2016. …

Wild Kids Hawaii


April, 2016

click here for Wild Kids Hawaii website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is wild about our April recipient of $1,000, Wild Kids Hawaii.  Wild Kids Hawaii is having an Earth Summit. This Earth Summit will bring together students from all over the island for the purpose of solving Earth’s issues. Private and public school students alike will be brought together in order to collaborate and share ideas and action plans to tackle issues such as sustainable fishing, deforestation, habitat loss, endangered species, food waste in Hawaii, and many more. …

Ohia Legacy Initiative


March 2016

click here for Ohia Legacy Initiative website

Awesome Oahu is thrilled to announce our March 2016 receipient of $1,000 awesome dollars to The Ohia Legacy Initiative (OLI).  John-Carl Watson of OLI submitted the entry to AWESOME and provided the following information.  OLI was founded to be a social catalyst and is a very small grassroots organization that hopes to bring about great change in our community. …

Progress Theater Workshop

IMG 2780

February 2016

click here for All The Worlds A Stage website

Awesome Foundation is pleased to announce our February recipient of $1,000, All The Worlds A Stage Theater Company (AWS). Awesome was contacted by Hannah Schauer, Artistic Director for AWS who informed us that playwright, director, ensemble artist and founder of Progress Theatre, Cristal Chanelle Truscott, is scheduled to come to Hawaii as an artist in residence. …

Castle Winterguard


January 2016

Click here for Castle Winterguard website.

Oahu Awesome Foundation is proud to announce their first recepient of 2016: Castle High School's Winterguard. Castle Winterguard's program director, Mr. Jimmy Esquibel, submitted the request to AWESOME for funds for a worthy cause. 

The goals for Castle Winterguard are to provide education on the pageantry arts; further the growth of students by providing a sound, structured environment that fosters personal growth, self acceptance, self-discipline, and team work; and to promote the values of dedication, hard work and pride in one's accomplishments.

UH Manoa Dept of Theater and Dance

IMG 1960

November, 2015

click here for UH Manoa Theater & Dance website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce their November recipient of $1000, UH-Manoa's Dept. of Theatre and Dance!  Paul Mitri, Chair of the Dept. of Theater and Dance at UH Manoa, applied to Awesome with this entertaining information.  Chair Mitri wrote they are planning an outreach program that will perform scenes from Shakespeare's plays that deal with themes of love and madness. …

Leihoku Elementary


October, 2015 

Click here for Leihoku Elementary School website.

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce our $1,000 recipient for October 2015, Leihoku Elementary School in Waianae. Currently, teachers at Leihoku Elementary have to cancel or reschedule field trips for students because the buses that deliver the students to the field trip will not come into the Waianae Coast area after 11:30am.  …

Kailua Intermediate School

57618 kailua intermediate school kailua

September, 2015 

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce the September recipient of $1,000 cold ones: Kailua Intermediate School.  The money is being used to purchase much needed classroom fans. While the majority of the hot weather may be over this season, we all know next Summer it will return. 

Awesome is proud to to be a part of helping our keiki by creating a learning environment in the classroom.  …


August, 2015 Winner

Click here for AccesSurf website.

Awesome Foundation is pleased to announce our August receipient of $1,000, AccesSurf! AccesSurf is a local non-profit dedicated to providing ocean access in a safe environment for people with disabilities to enjoy the beach and water related activities. They host monthly programs and their big event every year is an Annual Adaptive Surf Competition in Waikiki during Dukes OceanFest.  …

Kaimuki HS Softball Team


July, 2015 Winner

Check out the Kaimuki High School Varsity  Softball  page.

Awesome Foundation Oahu is happy to announce their July 2015 recipient of $1000 to Kaimuki High School Softball Team.  Awesome was contacted by Rylan Morihara, who is the Junior Varsity head coach as well as the assistant Varsity coach for softball at Kaimuki High School. He wrote to us that many of the students that attend Kaimuki High School come from low income backgrounds and lack the needed supplies to succeed in any endeavor that they undertake. …

Project Ho'omana


June, 2015

check out their facebook page

Awesome is pleased to announce their June 2015 receipient of $1,000, Project Ho'omana. Project Ho'omana is a program at Waipahu Intermediate School that gives positive alternatives to Waipahu teens and helps them stay off the streets.  They service about 100 teens throughout the year and have activities every day to get the students involved in as many community service projects as they can.  …

Word on the Street


May, 2015

click here for their website

click here for their facebook page

Awesome Foundation Oahu Chapter is proud to announce our May, 2015 receipient of $1,000, WORD ON THE STREET (WOTS)! WOTS is a social entrepreneurship designed to empower the houseless in Honolulu by giving them a voice, skills, and the financial means to escape the difficulties tied to being houseless. 

How does it work? …

Kalaheo Athletic Trainers


April, 2015

check out the Kalaheo High School  Athletics page

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to announce our April recipient of $1,000, Kalaheo High School Athletic Trainers. Catherine Rose, 1 of 2 athletic trainers at Kalaheo High School, submitted the application to Awesome. Their main responsibility is keeping student athletes safe during sporting events. They have a small budget and not enough resources to help the athletes to their greatest potential. …

East Oahu Lifeguard Association


March 2015 

click here for their facebook page

Awesome Foundation is proud to announce our March recipient of $1,000, East Oahu Lifeguard Association (EOLA).  EOLA is a group of 30+ off duty lifeguards whom work careers from Haunama Bay to Kailua Beach. They often host events for the youth at Sandy Beach and Waimanalo Bay Beach Park. Their focus is to our youth and creating ocean awareness and facilitating CPR classes.  …

Peter's Prom


February 2015

Click here for last years youtube video

Awesome Foundation is pleased to announce our February recipient of $1000, Peter's Prom! Peter's Prom is an annual event designed for Oahu high-school students with special needs. It was started by two moms, both of whom have daughters with Down Syndrome. Deanna Ferrick, co-founder, submitted the application of behalf of Peter's Prom.

It is run solely by volunteers consisting of family members, teachers, aids, skills trainers and friends who understand the needs of these special students and are dedicated to helping them enjoy a wonderful and memorable event.

Plantation Village


January 2015 

Click here for their website

Awesome Foundatation is thrilled to announce Plantation Village as the recipients of  the grant for January 2015!  Plantation Village had the awesome idea to restore historic Saimin Stand. On their  grounds is a recreation of the Shiroma Saimin Stand, a historically accurate food stand of a bygone era. 

The Shiroma Saimin Stand is part of Plantation Villages' school-age educational tours and is a launching point from which their docents discuss how early immigrant families earned monies and created businesses in Hawaii's plantation era. …



December 2014

click here for their website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to grant $1,000 to our December recipient, YMCA Camp Erdman. Camp Erdman is located in Ke'ana Point State park on the North Shore of Oahu. They offer environmental education, leadership, recreational, and team building programs to youth, schools, and adults. 

Camp Erdman would like to create a Nature Room to be shared with keiki and all visitors of Camp Erdman. …

POW! WOW! Hawaii

November 2014, Winner

click here fore their website

Hawaii Arts Alliance is the proud recipient of Awesome Foundation Oahu’s $1000 for the month of November! They are the fiscal sponsor of POW!WOW!Hawaii and the money will be used to support POW!WOW!Hawaii. 

Centered around a week-long event POW!WOW!Hawaii has grown into a global network of artists that organize gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, concerts and live art installations across the globe.  …

DVAC Lipstick Project

October 2014, Winner

click here for website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce our October recipient of $1000, Domestic Violence Action Center’s (DVAC) Lipstick Project.  DVAC continually seeks innovative ways to reach and empower victims, providing them with advocacy and critical information.

Their Lipstick project is an outreach give away that is offered to women at community events. …

Fine Arts Bonanza

September, 2014 Winner

Awesome Foundation is proud to announce the September recipient of $1000 is Fine Arts Bonanza.  High School students and sisters, Alexa and Presley Anderson, submitted the application to Awesome in support of obtaining funds for their Fine Arts Bonanza.  

Both Alexa and Presley Anderson have been deeply affected by music and decided to focus on music for their Gold Award.  …

Advantage Sports Academy

August, 2014

Click here to go to their website

Please join us in congratulating our newest recipient for August, Advantage Sports Academy (ASA).  Their founder, Lawrence Smalls, submitted his entry on behalf of his non-profit Academy that provides affordable after-school athletic opportunities for lower grade level students.

By providing affordable after-school athletic programs, ASA is promoting an active and healthy lifestyle starting with children at a young age.  …


July 2014

click here for website

Ko’olau Mountains Watershed Partnership (KMWP) is the proud recipient of Awesome Foundation’s $1000 check for July 2014.  KMWP formed in 1999 when an alliance of public and private landowners agreed to facilitate conservati0n of the Ko’olaus’ watershed forests.  The partnership area includes most of the Ko’olau Range at just over 100,000 acres. Field work and coordinatio


June 2014

Click here for website

Kailua Intermediate School (KIS) Advanced and Beginning Band is Awesome Foundation’s June 2014 recipient of $1000 check! Maya Arakaki and Kelci Hooker, both 7th graders in KIS band, submitted the request on behalf of all 115 bandmembers.  KIS band program teaches students not only how to play an instrument and read music, but how to work together. Band teacher, Ms. …


June 3, 2014 (May Winner)

click here for website

Awesome Foundation is thrilled to announce their May 2014 winner, Planned Parenthood Youth Leaders (PPYL).  PPYL’s awesome idea is to enhance Planned Parenthood Hawaii’s (PPHI’s) Community Outreach Program through a unique, technology-based condom access campaign called “Where Did You Wear It?” This campaign seeks to normalize and celebrate safe sex while promoting PPHI’s low and no-cost healthcare services to young people on Oahu. …

Paul Levitt

April 30, 2014

Awesome Foundation is pleased to announce our April $1000 winner, Paul Levitt.  Paul is a local artist who has had an exceptional experience with artist, May Ray.  The below is from Paul’s entry to Awesome Foundation, Oahu.

Back in 1972 I was on Christmas break from Tyler School of Art in Rome. One my of my dreams was to meet an artist I admired greatly, and I was lucky enough to be invited to visit renowned artist/photographer Man Ray at his studio in Paris. …

Most Good, Least Harm Honolulu Workshop

March 2014

click here for flyer

Awesome Foundation Oahu is excited to be a part of bringing “ Most Good, Least Harm” to Honolulu. As our March winner, Terry Bear, Andrea Nandoskar, Linda Leveen, and Victoria Anderson have been inspired by Zoe Weil’s book, Most Good, Least harm, A Simple Principle for a Better World and Meaningful Life. Their inspiration led them to invite Ms. Weil to bring her message to Hawaii.  …


March 16, 2014 (February Winner)

click here for website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce their February winner, K9 Kokua.  Founded in 2003, K9 Kokua is the sole organization in Hawaii whose primary focus is providing care and emergency services to the animal population of those owned by homeless, financially destitute, and victims of domestic violence.  

The $1000 awarded will go towards a portable projector and screen that will be used to educate the community on K9 Kokua and its Ilio Hale (Dog House) program. …

Thrift Store, The Musical

January 2014

Click here for their website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is delighted to give a grant to Thrift Store, The Musical.  This show is being created as a fundraising vehicle to support non-profit organizations in Hawaii. 

Tickets are complimentary and based on availability. A show date of Saturday, March 29 at 6pm has been confirmed. Performance being held at Mission Memorial Auditorium at 550 South King Street, next to Honolulu Hale.  …

Jennifer Denise Bojanowski

December 2013 

Click to visit their website.

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to give a grant to Jennifer Denise Bojanowski for use at Mahoney Hale.

Jennifer took up boxing in her mid-20s and went on to teach boxing classes for close to ten years. After training for over six months at Kalakaua District Park, she won the first and only amateur bout by technical knockout. She would like to see participants in her awesome project access the same outlet for stress and experience the same source of self-confidence and self-esteem. …

Family Programs Hawaii

December 5, 2013 (November Winner)

Click to visit their website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to announce that Family Programs Hawaii’s Annual Holiday Party was our November winner.  This group also wins for persistence!  They reapplied and tweaked their proposal a number of times, until it won!

The funds will be used to support a program that receives no state funding. Project Visitation utilizes trained and committed community volunteers to facilitate visitation for foster siblings separated through foster care on Oahu. …

Family Promise of Hawaii

October 25, 2013

Click to visit their website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to award Family Promise our October grant for a high capacity washing machine for their Honolulu Center.

Family Promise of Hawaii serves one of our neediest populations: homeless families with children. They serve families from all over the island of Oahu and offer daily shelter, meals and case management at one of their two day centers located in Windward Oahu and Honolulu. …

Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii (B.E.A.C.H.)

Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii (B.E.A.C.H.) "do it yourself" Hi5 recycling project will greatly improve the situation at beaches by providing much needed separate containers for recyclables.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawai`i (B.E.A.C.H.) our September grant winner needs volunteers to make the recycling bins! The dates are 10/20, 10/27, 11/3 and 11/17 at Manoa Campus. …

808 Urban Roosevelt Junior Board

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Click to visit their website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce that our August winner is 808 Urban Roosevelt Junior Board. This is a group of high school kids striving to do great things through art. They made sure to point out that they are all artists in their own way from painting to media and they do art projects in our community, for our community.

Their Kalihi-Palama Mural Project is slated to get started this October 11th - 14th.  …

GSA Hawaii

GSAs experiences within schools are important as they have lasting consequences, such as higher grade point averages, to the pursuit of higher education, career choice, and lifelong interpersonal skill development. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Awesome Foundation Oahu is delighted to announce that GSA Hawaii is our July winner!  Melanie Moore submitted the grant proposal.

GSA Hawaii is a project of the Life Foundation. …

Maya Arakaki: Legacy Project

We are especially thrilled that a young student thought of this idea that will help so very many! Maya Arakaki is a 6th grade student. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Maya Arakaki is a 6’th grade student at Maunawili Elementary School. This is her last year at Maunawili, and her Enrichment Class is working on a Legacy Project. This project is a way to give back to Maunawili Elementary School and to show her appreciation for all of the people that have helped Maya.

Ka Papa Kai: Ocean Science for Kids

Ka Papa Kai would like to expand the program to reach kids who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the ocean on the North Shore. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Click to visit their website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce that Ka Papa Kai: Ocean Science for Kids is our May grant winner.

Malama Pupukea-Waimea is a small, community nonprofit of North Shore O'ahu residents who are passionate about preserving the unique natural and cultural resources of the Pupukea and Waimea ahupua'a.  …

Kailua Intermediate School Band

Monday, April 1, 2013

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce our April grant winner was the Kailua Intermediate School (KIS) Band.

KIS provides the use of brass, woodwind and percussion instruments at no charge to students who are taught care and daily maintenance procedures. Band class meets four times per week and all students are required to practice outside of class each day. In addition, band rehearsals are scheduled twice a week, before or after school. …

Wahiawa Savvy Seniors

Friday, March 1, 2013

We are proud to announce Gabriele Chapman is our March winner!  Gabriele’s idea “Wahiawa Savvy Seniors” is to bring iPad therapy to the patients at the Wahiawa General Hospital Senior Behavioral Health unit.

These seniors have severe behavioral, emotional or mental conditions such as dementia, depression, and various personality disorders.    Since it is a psychiatric ward, it can be a very dreary place. …

Trystyn's Service Dog

The grant will be used towards a Certified Dog Trainer to help train CoCo to Trystyn's needs and to be his service dog, so that CoCo can be with Trystyn at all times. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce that February’s winner is Trystyn Yamanka.  Trisstyn is 7 years old and was born with an rare form of (FCMD) Fukuyama Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

Trystyn is the only child at home, he loves his school, friends, teachers, family, people, and animals. …

Vegetable-Assisted Therapy

Hale Kipa has just lanched an educational program to help these youth catch up with their classwork -- or reengage -- while they are in our shelters. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce that Stacy Evensen and Vegetable Assisted Therapy is the January $1000 grant winner. Stacy’s project will entail designing and building a large home garden at two shelters for youth (one for boys, one for girls) run by Hale Kipa youth services agency.

HIKA Kupuna Care

This population is growing and we would like to continue to protect our Kapuna from homelessness and other types of misuse of thier benefits. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Click to visit their website

We are proud to announce that Trina Orta’s  Hika Kupuna Care Program is our December grant winner!

Trina Orta is a social worker for Hale Ipu Kukui Alaka'i a non-profit representative payee program that assists the disabled and elderly in managing their money to prevent homelessness and in assisting with their financial goals. …

Man Hour-Character development Program

The belief of these programs is that adolescent boys require special attention to talk explicitly about and model responsible manhood and to introduce them to good examples of dependable men. 

Monday, November 1, 2012

Click to visit their website

We are proud to announce that Natalie Pawluk Moore’s Man Hour – Character Development Program is our November Grant Winner!

The Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii - Spalding Clubhouse opened to the McCully community in 1976. …

Permablitz Hawaii

Monday, October 1, 2012

Awesome Foundation Oahu would like to congratulate Matthew Lynch and Permablitz Hawaii as our September grant winner! Permablitz Hawaii allows people to create perennial food gardens at their homes with little money and no experience. Anyone is eligible simply by helping install three other gardens. In one day, a large group of people will come and transform your land into a Permaculture foodscape. …

Joyful Life library

The Joyful Life Library believes that reading a favorite story to a child is an act of love that's comforting to the child and the caregiver alike, and is especially important when life has been turned upside down because of a little one's hospitalization. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Click to visit their website

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce that Carly Ragragola who brought The Joyful Life Library to Oahu is our October winner!

Sound Project

The goal of Sound Project is to create a Non-Profit Organization that strives to incorporate local youth into Hawaii's thriving music industry.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The goal of Sound Project is to create a Non-Profit Organization that strives to incorporate local youth into Hawaii’s thriving music industry. The project seeks to: 1. Involve students in the process of creating music on the professional level with guidance from established artists, producers, and experts in the field. …

Mo'ili'ili Cemetary

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We are proud to announce that the Mo’ili’ili Japanese Cemetery Gateway Enhancement Project, by Laura Ruby and Harriet Natsuyama, has won the July Awesome Foundation Oahu Grant! 

Mo’ili’ili Japanese Cemetery is a very active cemetery in the University Avenue-King Street-Kapiolani Blvd. triangular area, situated just outside the makai driveway entrance of Kuhio Elementary School. …

Project Scouts

"The goal is to provide seating and a place to work and eat before school, after school and during school. The project will prsitively impact the nearly 1,000 students at Kawananakoa Middle School."

Friday, June 29, 2012

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce that Andrew Chun is our June grant winner!!  Andrew Chun is a Life Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and he is working on his Eagle Scout Project.  …

Aloha Beach Volleyball

Aloha Beach Volleyball provides a sustainable physical fitness program for children to fight childhood obesity and other health related concerns.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awesome Foundation Oahu has chosen our second grant winner! We are proud to announce that Aloha Beach Volleyball is our $1,000 winner!!! Rod Suzumoto, Diana McKibbin and Chase Suzumoto have joined forces to create Aloha Beach Volleyball.

Our First grant: Dream Box

“The purpose of my DREAM BOX idea is to make homeless kids happy so when they are lonely they can go to their DREAM BOX and find everything they want to do.”   

                - Grace

Friday, April 13, 2012

We are so excited to announce our first grant winner!  Grace Furuta came up with an awesome idea: Dream Boxes for Homeless Kids.  The concept is to create 40 boxes filled with art supplies like glue, markers, crayons, scissors, cray-pas, colored pencils and paper, costing $20 per box.  …