808 Urban Roosevelt Junior Board

Thursday, August 1, 2013

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Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce that our August winner is 808 Urban Roosevelt Junior Board. This is a group of high school kids striving to do great things through art. They made sure to point out that they are all artists in their own way from painting to media and they do art projects in our community, for our community.

Their Kalihi-Palama Mural Project is slated to get started this October 11th - 14th.  Every Friday leading up to the painting, they will be having workshops with the children at the St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church.  808 Urban Roosevelt Junior Board is a part of 808 Urban.  Take a look at the incredible website: 808urban.org.

Awesome Foundation Oahu had a chance to meet some of the talented students in person.  We were impressed with their enthusiasm, their desire to create change, their ability to try and create great things through art.  This was their first endeavor to solicit any type of grant and they were successful.  The proposal submitted was eloquently written and with heartfelt enthusiasm.  We are thrilled to help these talented kids create a better Oahu through art.

Back row: Tracey Stott Kelley(AFO) , Kerri Shepherd (AFO), Sierra Dew (Co-Director of 808 Urban), Kathy Bryant (AFO), Vincent Ricafort (Media Arts Mentor)

Front Row: Tomy Takemura (Intern), Emma Hanke (Artist), Miku Sewell (Team Organizer), Laetitia Mahoney (Lead Artist).

NOT PICTURED: Tina Bui (Media/Artist), Christina Bui (Media/Artist), Sam Sueoka (Intern/Artist), Joseph Pagkalinawan (Artist), Mari Pagkalinawan (Writer/Artist), John Prime (Founder of 808 Urban/Mentor).

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