A House for the 4th Little Pig

July 2016


Awesome Foundation Oahu hosted "Trustee For A Night, Awesome For A Lifetime" July 27, 2016. At this inspirational event not one, not two, but THREE applicants were awarded $1,000! Awesome Foundation Oahu is happy to announce one of those three recipients: Akeyo Garcia and her kindergarten students for their House for the Fourth Little Pig project.  Mrs. Garcia has been teaching kindergarten for the past seven years. She has young 5 and 6 year old kindergarten students following EDP (Engineering Design Process) to "imagine, plan, create, test, and revise" while creating their house model to make it strong enough that a wolf could not blow it down.  However, instead of a wolf the project uses fans on three different speeds. 

The learning process is fascinating to see! There are many trial and errors. The conversations among students are evident of how young children are able to think critically and work collaboratively in a fun learning manner. In STEM/STEAM, the learning PROCESS is very important rather than focusing on the end PRODUCT. Therefore, this project doesn't just occur once. Students ask to do it again to challenge themselves to create a safer, stronger, and better house for the fourth little pig. In addition, parents often get involved. Last year, a few parents shared with Ms. Garcia that their child tried to build a house for the fourth little pig at home. Even fathers who hardly visit the classroom came to Ms. Garcia and said that he had fun building and testing the house with his son. This project could be a great opportunity for family engagement as well. The research tells us that a child who has parents that are involved in child's school shows a higher academic growth. Parents are demonstrating that learning is fun, challenging and important.

Okay, so here'e the part where Awesome comes in. With the $1,000 Mrs. Garcia will purchase the materials allowing 160 kindergarten students to create a house for the fourth little pig. Supplies include popsicle sticks, paper plates, playdough, straws, pipe cleaners, and other materials. Although many items used are recycled items, many items are not reusable. With a limited school and grade level budget, many teachers use their own money to purchase those materials so that each student has enough materials to try to create and revise their product.

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to help children learn hands on and even better if the parents get involved. Thank you to Mrs. Garcia for all you do to help the future of Oahu.