Castle Winterguard

January 2016


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Oahu Awesome Foundation is proud to announce their first recepient of 2016: Castle High School's Winterguard. Castle Winterguard's program director, Mr. Jimmy Esquibel, submitted the request to AWESOME for funds for a worthy cause. 

The goals for Castle Winterguard are to provide education on the pageantry arts; further the growth of students by providing a sound, structured environment that fosters personal growth, self acceptance, self-discipline, and team work; and to promote the values of dedication, hard work and pride in one's accomplishments.

Through positive reinforcement, dedication to our young performers, and with the promise to teach not only the pageantry arts but also foster creativity and acceptance of all, the staff of Castle Winterguard will accomplish the goals mentioned above.

Winterguard is the sport of indoor colorguard. Modern colorguard is a combination of the use of flags, sabers, mock rifles, and other equipment, as well as dance and other interpretive movement. All of these elements are combined together to tell a story or to portray a concept to the audience. Winterguard teaches one to believe in their ability to accomplish great feats of difficulty not only for their own sense of accomplishment but also for the benefit of the guard as a whole.

In 2014, Castle Winterguard performed at the Mililani SpinFest Festival. In the spring of 2015, the winterguard was unable to floor (start-up) due to funding issues. 2016 has started off positive for the colorguard program thanks to Mr. Esquibel and their staff member, Mrs. Chelsea Prendergast, coupled with some funding support from the Castle Band Aid Association (CBAA). The winterguard has the initial funding needed to start off but, unfortunately, not enough to meet the demands of the season. We hope to floor a competitive unit this spring competing at shows all over Oahu.

Okay so now's the part where AWESOME OAHU can step in. Castle Winterguard is in need of a Winterguard Tarp - $613.00, Sabres - $345.00, Rifles - $71.90, Straps - $18.00,and Bolts - $18.00 Total: $1065.90. Without Awesome's support, they would have to forgo most equipment and increase membership dues. Since most students come from low income families, it is a burden they would like to avoid.  Hopefully, the $1,000 check from Oahu Awesome Foundation will help to make Castle Winterguard competitive.  We look forward to the competitions this Spring.  GO! CASTLE! GO!