Farrington Retail Store

June 2017

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Awesome Foundation Oahu (AFOAHU) is pleased to announce our June recipient of $1,000, Farrington Retail Store. AFOAHU was contacted by Kristin Mullin who is a second year teacher at Farrington High School. Ms. Mullin advised us that her retail class, in the Business Academy at Farrington High School, will be working to create a store on campus. This year, they have been working with their Engineering Academy to come up with designs for the store. The business academy students have also done market research as to what the community would like in the store. The students next year will take the plans created this year, and make it a reality. 

The Farrington High School Store will benefit the students because they are gaining collaboration and communication skills as they develop the ideas and create the store with the other academies. This will also benefit the community because in the store they will supply spirit items. Farrington High School has a strong alumni base, and they hope that this will provide an opportunity for our community and alumni to continue purchasing merchandise that will support Farrington and continue bringing our Kalihi community together. The store will also provide students with the opportunity to gain employability skills. They will learn time management, customer service, communication, punctuality, responsibility and much more. This will help them be prepared for their post-secondary experiences. Last, we hope to use the profit we make in the store to fund DECA, a business club. This club would provide our students with the opportunity to connect with business partners, compete in competitions based on business topics, and learn more skills and knowledge to prepare them for life after high school. DECA requires students to pay dues to be a part of it, and while some students do not have money to pay for that, this will allow Farrington to use the store as a fundraiser so that all students can compete in DECA.

Okay now if all that wasn't awesome enough here is our AWESOME part!  With the $1,000 from AFOAHU they will buy supplies so the Engineering Academy can build the store furniture, painting supplies so the FCAT Academy (Arts) can design our signs, marketing items that our Marketing Class will develop in their marketing plan, along with purchasing merchandise and a cash register. The merchandise our community has show interest in is spirit wear and spirit items, food and beverage items, school supplies, and phone accessories.

Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to be a part of helping to shape our youth into productive members of society. We applaud the efforts of Kristin Mullin and feel fortunate to have her as a teacher on our beautiful island.