HIKA Kupuna Care

This population is growing and we would like to continue to protect our Kapuna from homelessness and other types of misuse of thier benefits. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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We are proud to announce that Trina Orta’s  Hika Kupuna Care Program is our December grant winner!

Trina Orta is a social worker for Hale Ipu Kukui Alaka'i a non-profit representative payee program that assists the disabled and elderly in managing their money to prevent homelessness and in assisting with their financial goals. Tina has been working there for eighteen months and has seen how empowered the consumers become when they learn to prioritize and build themselves up financially. 

Our project is geared towards Hawaii's elderly. We currently have a state contract that will only cover the fee for persons with mental disorders; however, we serve more than the mental health population. The persons in need of the most assistance are the elderly. Currently we have consumers that live in care homes and foster homes that we do not charge the fee for, because they cannot afford it. Our fee is $38.00 a month. This population is growing and we would like to continue to protect our Kupuna from homelessness and other types of misuse of their benefits. We want to see our elderly that have come before us live the best quality of life that they can.

This money will be able to assist with an annual continuation of services for a few of our elderly. With this, we can continue to show the need for services and will be able to display to the grants and the state proposals the difference it makes in the prevention of homelessness and with financial elder abuse. Our goal is to find a long-term sponsor however, this grant would make a difference in these kupuna's lives now. We would love to be able to service more of our Community's elders.

Awesome Foundation Oahu is happy to support a program that helps Oahu’s Kupuna!!!