Journey To Escape

July 2016

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Awesome Foundation Oahu hosted "Trustee For A Night, Awesome For A Lifetime" July 27, 2016. At this inspirational event not one, not two, but THREE applicants were awarded $1,000! Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce one of those three recipients: Domestic Violence Action Center's (DVAC), Journey To Escape.  The Domestic Violence Action Center (DVAC) is dedicated to alleviating the problem of domestic abuse in Hawaii. It is the only agency in the state of Hawaii providing direct services which include legal representation, advocacy, support for families in the child welfare system, civil and criminal court outreach, and HELPLINE assistance. They employ a staff of expert attorneys, advocate case managers, paralegals, teen outreach educators and advocates to bring peace to island families. 

The Journey to Escape Transportation Fund will cover transportation expenses to support a domestic abuse survivor’s decision to leave. Monies will be used to purchase bus passes to help domestic violence survivors who have no transportation for themselves and their children. Making the decision to seek assistance is a major step for victims of domestic violence; lacking transportation to facilitate the journey to safety is an enormous barrier for many.

“One way bus passes may seem to be such a small deal, but the impact it had in my life was outstanding,” said one client who decided to leave her husband of ten years, who abused her physically, mentally and financially. She was given several bus passes which allowed her to find a second job, leave the abuser to become self-sufficient, and raise her daughter.

To ease the burden on clients such as these, DVAC has offered bus passes to clients and explored the various options available. Because TheBus does not have the discretion to award agency clients free passes, it became necessary for the Domestic Violence Action Center to purchase prepaid bus passes to distribute as needed. Recently, the need has arisen in which DVAC has purchased monthly bus passes at $60 for a client with a proven need for frequent transportation (to court hearings, work, etc.) which is more cost-efficient than using numerous one-way bus passes. The presence of transportation may be a given for most of us, but for many survivors, it is a fundamental necessity in order to manage challenging demands, achieve resilience and make the transformative journey from victim to survivor.

Awesome's $1,000 will be used to purchase 30 adult one-way bus passes ($2.50), 20 youth one-way bus passes ($1.25) and 15 monthly bus passes ($60 each) for a total of $1,000! We really hope this money will have an impact on someone who is in an abusive situation as there is nothing we would like more than to stop the violence. Mahalo to DVAC for all the work they do helping families and children.