March 16, 2014 (February Winner)

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Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce their February winner, K9 Kokua.  Founded in 2003, K9 Kokua is the sole organization in Hawaii whose primary focus is providing care and emergency services to the animal population of those owned by homeless, financially destitute, and victims of domestic violence.  

The $1000 awarded will go towards a portable projector and screen that will be used to educate the community on K9 Kokua and its Ilio Hale (Dog House) program. This program provides resources when victims of domestic violence leave their abusive situations, with boarding/foster care in a secure home or boarding facility and will provide medical treatment and behavioral rehabililation for dogs that have suffered abuse and trauma. The money granted will help to deliver community presentations which will allow volunteers to promote and educate groups and domestic violence victims on the benefits and services of the Ilio Hale program-which may be the very motivation victims need to escape a potentially deadly situation.  K9 Kokua is the only animal welfare group working to assist domestic violence victims in this manner.