Kaimuki HS Softball Team

July, 2015 Winner

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Awesome Foundation Oahu is happy to announce their July 2015 recipient of $1000 to Kaimuki High School Softball Team.  Awesome was contacted by Rylan Morihara, who is the Junior Varsity head coach as well as the assistant Varsity coach for softball at Kaimuki High School. He wrote to us that many of the students that attend Kaimuki High School come from low income backgrounds and lack the needed supplies to succeed in any endeavor that they undertake. He explained his project is to rebuild our dugout fitted with an adjoining room that can be used as a study hall/learning center for his softball players. 

As a coach, Mr. Morihara is trying to instill a yearning for education into his players. They routinely hold a study hall day in place of our regular practices once a week to stress the importance of education. The problems they run into are that the library is already closed so the girls are unable to do research or type out their papers. The purpose of the study hall room would be so that the softball players/students can have the ability to be able to still do their work even if they do not have the financial resources to purchase their own computer or the resources (e.g. the library) are unavailable. The purpose of improving our dugout is to provide the players with a safe environment.

Also, the new dugout will be equipped with secure lockers for them to store their equipment. The new dugout will help improve the players experience. The softball team helps the girls develop good character and instill important life values. Enhancing their experience will further boost the positive impression the game has on their life. 

How with they use Awesome's $1000 check?  This will help with the final funding the for the new dugout, lockers, and study room.  We are thankful there are coaches out there like Rylan Morihara who clearly puts his players needs before his own.  Awesome Foundation Oahu loves to support our students and athletes doing what it takes to succeed.  Go BULLDOGS!!