Kalaheo Athletic Trainers

April, 2015

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Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to announce our April recipient of $1,000, Kalaheo High School Athletic Trainers. Catherine Rose, 1 of 2 athletic trainers at Kalaheo High School, submitted the application to Awesome. Their main responsibility is keeping student athletes safe during sporting events. They have a small budget and not enough resources to help the athletes to their greatest potential. The athletic training room is located in a separate building than the gym, and a small walk from the football/soccer field, making it difficult for some athletes with injuries to get to the trainers. In emergencies, it is difficult to transport the athletes and carry some of the heavier athletes, off of the field and get them treated. For instance, during an injury such as heat exhaustion, a slower response rate increases the risk of the athlete. When they are disoriented and sluggish, it becomes even more difficult to get the unresponsive athlete off of the field and the treatment they need.

The Kalaheo Athletic Trainers are looking to better assist our Kalaheo athletes and treat our students faster and more effectively. They educate the athletes on proper hydration, nutrition, and about their bodies along with assisting students looking to enter a health-care field in college by letting those interested volunteer in the athletic training room, giving them hands on experience from cleaning wounds, to taping ankles, to learning budgeting and inventory. Working six days a week and on some nights (football games) until 1am, they  are committed to their athletes as they are the primary concern. They are looking to aide the athletic trainers, as well as the athletes during practices and games and help keep safety number one priority.

This is where we come in!  Kalaheo Athletic Trainers are in dire need of a golf cart.  It is very difficult to transport athletes to the athletic training room.  Many times other athletes have to carry the injured, or they limp down on their own potentially making the injury worse.  Hopefully our check for $1,000 will help towards the golf cart they so deserve.

Awesome Foundation Oahu is happy to help out those in our community who give so much of themselves to others.  Helping students and children is of upmost importance to AWESOME and we hope they are able to purchase their golf cart soon.  GO MUSTANGS!!!!