Kapolei Middle School Mural Project

June, 2016

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Awesome Foundation Oahu is pleased to announce our June recipient of $1,000, Kapolei Middle School! The entry to Awesome was submitted by Kapolei's Algebra teacher, Carli Masik, who wrote explaining Kapolei Middle School is a track school, meaning there are always students on campus, except for four weeks of the year. Because of this, the campus is heavily used and wear and tear is seen on the buildings. In order to brighten up the school and make students excited to be a Warrior, she proposes to paint murals on the portables to allow color and excitement to be added to the school. In addition, the murals will help cut down on the amount of graffiti that takes place at the school, which occurs at least twice a semester. Everyone at the school will see they take pride at Kapolei Middle School and it will make the community stronger and greater. Each mural will be different and will depend on what the teacher has requested. Some murals will be inspirational quotes; some will be pictures; some will be artwork. The principal also requested the first project be a sign that says Kapolei Middle School, Home of the Warriors, which students and teachers will paint and put up at the front of the school.

Okay, that sounds like a great idea now here's where AWESOME steps in. The money awarded for the project will go towards supplies for the project: gesso, paint, painting supplies, plywood boards, rags, and ladders. This money will be used only to beautify the campus by painting murals.                                                                              Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to help beautify our schools and hopes this will make going to school everyday a bit more pleasant.  We can't wait to get a picture of what the completed project looks like.  Below is what the campus looks like today.  Let's get creative Warriors!