Leihoku Elementary

October, 2015 


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Awesome Foundation Oahu is proud to announce our $1,000 recipient for October 2015, Leihoku Elementary School in Waianae. Currently, teachers at Leihoku Elementary have to cancel or reschedule field trips for students because the buses that deliver the students to the field trip will not come into the Waianae Coast area after 11:30am.  This makes it almost impossible for their students to do a field trip to have it start, finish and be back in Waianae all by 11:30am, mostly due to bad traffic. Because of this, Vice Principal, Ronda Hayashi-Simpliciano, submitted the Awesome entry on behalf of  her school.  VP Hayashi-Simpliciano also added that Leihoku is a Title 1 school where 85% of their students are on free or reduced lunch.  Many of these students come from homes without a lot of resources.  Because of this, field trips are very important as many of these students would have no or little other opportunity to learn or visit places on the island that aid in education.

Awesome's $1,000 will bring the field trip to Leihoku!  Bishop Museum has traveling exhibits one of them being a Star Lab and a science exhibit which VP Hayashi-Simpliciano will arrange for the school. The exhibit will be featured at a parent night so both students and community members can partake in the learning.  This helps to expand learning and the love of Science to the Waianae coast!

Awesome Foundation Oahu is thrilled to assist in this endeavor.  We love the idea of bringing education to all our keiki, regardless of where they live.  For more information on the Bishop Museum's traveling exhibits check out this link: http://www.bishopmuseum.org/education/holoholo/family.html