Most Good, Least Harm Honolulu Workshop

March 2014

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Awesome Foundation Oahu is excited to be a part of bringing “ Most Good, Least Harm” to Honolulu. As our March winner, Terry Bear, Andrea Nandoskar, Linda Leveen, and Victoria Anderson have been inspired by Zoe Weil’s book, Most Good, Least harm, A Simple Principle for a Better World and Meaningful Life. Their inspiration led them to invite Ms. Weil to bring her message to Hawaii.  Thus creating, the first Hawaii Humane Education Week.

Hawaii Humane Education Week was from March 11-15, 2014.  As part of this education week, Ms. Weil will offer Institute for Humane Education’s transformative (IHE) 8-hour Most Good Workshop for the Honolulu community.  Participants will “examine what’s most important to you, combine your passions with your talents, and connect with others who share your commitment to live according to their deepest values to create a just, compassionate world for all” (IHE Website).

Here’s the Awesome part: $1000 will go towards making the workshop more affordable for the community.  $650 of this will help cover the total cost of the workshop to IHE of $2500. The remaining $350 will purchase a rental car for Ms. Weil’s visit.