Project Ho'omana

June, 2015


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Awesome is pleased to announce their June 2015 receipient of $1,000, Project Ho'omana. Project Ho'omana is a program at Waipahu Intermediate School that gives positive alternatives to Waipahu teens and helps them stay off the streets.  They service about 100 teens throughout the year and have activities every day to get the students involved in as many community service projects as they can.  They also have a volleyball team encourages participants to get interested in high school sports. All activities are designed with the intention of making teens proud positive contributors in their community through service and teamwork.

During the summer, one of Project Ho'omana's biggest project is field trips arounds the island to get teens to experience life outside of Waipahu.  They are encouraged to try new foods, see new things, and not be afraid of things that are different.  The highlight is getting to go to an upscale restaurant for the annual Mahalo Banquet.  This is a wonderful experience for a teen who doesn't even get to eat at dine in restaurants with their families.

How will they use Awesome's $1,000? Project Ho'omana will purchase new volleyball shirts and help set off some of the costs for their Mahalo banquet this summer.  Many families can not afford to send their teens to the banquet so this money will assist those who can't.  Hopefully, through this grant, we can show the teens that the community they care for, cares for them right back.

Awesome is thrilled for these teens and happy to assist them with well deserved shirts and a banquet for all their community service.  We hope they will inspire other teens to do the same.