Tryke for James

July 2017

IMG 0921

Awesome Foundation Oahu (AFOAHU) is happy to announce our July recipient of $1,000 to the Christiansen Ohana.  AFOAHU was contacted by the Christiansens, who have adopted James, a six year old boy with severe brain damage. James wasn't expected to live at birth because he lost oxygen. James cannot sit or stand on his own. However, since being adopted by the Christiansens, James has been thriving and has progressed tremendously.

Because James cannot sit or stand on his own, he doesn't get a chance to do much than move on the ground rolling or commando crawling. By use of a Tryke he will be able to ride a bike like a normal child. He will get to use new muscles while pedaling his tryke.

This is the awesome part, with the $1,000 awarded to the Christiansens, they will use this much needed money to buy James a Tryke.  AFOAHU is glad to be a part of making life a little more enjoyable for this amazing and brave young boy. Go! James! Go!